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""After using the Brain Light Pro, the pain in the back of my head is gone and I now have more focus and clarity.
Appreciate you!."

- Gerri M. California
"Has helped a lot. She has only had 2 headaches in 10 days (used to be one every 2 days. Her oldest daughter has not had any more migraines and younger daughter has improved anxiety and depression. Her science teacher noticed she seemed happier and less anxiety and asked what she was doing. "

- Michelle B. Texas
"Not using it every day. Getting bad headaches, then it turn into migraines on a daily basis. Brain Light Pro got rid of them and I was only using it 4 times a week and now 2X a week. This helped my stress go down and stopped me from scattering. It gave clarity. "

- Veronica B. Texas
"After a few days of using the Brain Light Pro, I found it easier to memorize things, and I was able to recall bible verses, even chapters, that I had learned a long time ago."

- B.W Texas
"Husband had a stroke...
Been putting it on his wrist. Couldnt move his fingers. Now his arm and fingers can move no problem.
He couldn't talk.. his speech is 95% back. A little bit of slur. Wasnt really walking and after 2 weeks he mowed the lawn.

- Clara C. Texas

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