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""After using the Brain Light Pro, the pain in the back of my head is gone and I now have more focus and clarity.
Appreciate you!."

- Gerri M. California
"Has helped a lot. She has only had 2 headaches in 10 days (used to be one every 2 days. Her oldest daughter has not had any more migraines and younger daughter has improved anxiety and depression. Her science teacher noticed she seemed happier and less anxiety and asked what she was doing. "

- Michelle B. Texas
"We started using the Brain Light Pro a few times a day and my 8-year-old son, who has brain damage from encephalitis, as well as with autism and immune dysfunction, and he started sleeping through the night! He used to wake up almost every night and not go back to sleep. I can’t tell you what a relief this is – to get uninterrupted sleep – for both my son and for us parents!  "

- Danielle M. California
"We have used all around the body. We did not have any serious health issues. Wanted to use it because I am going back to school and could use it to help with memory. My clarity and understanding is greater. I finish tasks a lot faster. I completed it in half the time that usually do.
Had a frozen shoulder. Using the brain light pro has accelerated the healing of it. You can feel it going deep. I can't part.
If you put it on the stomach something is happening. There is no gurgling or gas feeling from using it on the stomach.
Sleep has been great."

- Johnnie M. Texas

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